Monday, October 30, 2006

Please, Everybody Saw This Coming

Okay, kids, we're back on.

As you probably know my last blog was abruptly shut down when that creepy guy started offering me money and asking for directions to my house. You'll be glad to note that I've been gone since July and he left me an angry comment as recently as two weeks ago. This is why I don't post my full name to the internet.

I know you've missed reading my wonderful posts about how I've fallen down again or how my toilet is broken or whatever I'm complaining about this week, and I've always had a "give the public what it wants" philosophy, so...that's just a lie. I don't care what the public wants. I just like blogging.

Also, blogging is a stupid word.

I'm not going to recap what I'm sure I've already told you about London, Paris, Krakow, or Edinburgh--I'm just going to start from here. Works for you? Works for me.

Oh, right, I probably should have had something to say here. Next time, kids, next time.