Friday, February 06, 2009

You'll Speak When You're Spoken To

Current Song: "People As Places As People" -- Modest Mouse

I finally got around to putting my books up on my bookshelf. Then I glanced over the titles and realized that I am the weirdest person around. At least I got rid of my true crime/serial killer collection.

Today was really boring. I once again failed at getting out of bed before 2:30, although I was awake at about 12:45. It's been fairly frequently lately that I just don't care enough. I got up when I realized I needed to call my county financial worker. According to her, I can expect to get Medical Assistance and $200/mth starting about Wednesday. This is good news. Not great news, but good news.

I need to buy more cereal and milk. And Hannah needs to come over soon. And I need to get on a bus and go away from here for a little while.


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