Friday, January 30, 2009

They Fell In Love

Current Song: "Copacabana" -- That one guy that's not Neil Diamond. Barry Manilow. I think.

My house smells incredibly bad and I can't change the kitty litter because I don't have any more. My grocery delivery service is where I get kitty litter and I can't use them because they don't take food stamps. And I can't get groceries, which I desperately need, and kitty litter home by bus. And these goddamn food stamps don't buy kitty litter anyway. Or taxi rides. Fuck this fucking shit.

Oh, also, we owe $822 to Xcel Energy.

Oh, also, I can't go back to work without losing my eligibility for SSDI...but I can't survive until that kicks in without going back to work.

Basically, I'm totally fucked over.

P.S. House Bunny is a terrible movie. Fuck Colby.


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